Poker is a board game whose presence has been felt throughout the world. For a long time, this game has become one of the favorites by thousands of people and the chips have always been in the hands of the most enthusiastic players.

The chips are a fundamental part in the essence of poker and the most regulars are aware of this with just having the chips in their hands. For this reason, it is important to be selective when buying poker chips.

It is interesting to observe how the evolution of the cards has been, especially if one takes into account that before the existence of these, during the 19th century, to be exact, the players were allowed to participate in the games and use coins and objects, valuable objects in general. Gold was also allowed. However, as there was no equality in this type of goods, at the time of making the payments it was very complicated.

In the course of the history of poker appeared the chips, which represented a kind of equality that did not offer the coins or gold. Today, the cards have been updated and there are various materials and designs. In fact, there are sets of chips that are well known to players. Therefore, when selecting which to buy there is usually some confusion, and it is natural because before such variety is a bit complicated to choose.

Now, regarding the reviews of the poker chips, there are some sets that are considered among the best. These assessments have been made by specialized critics. These are:

The Cardinal Industries of 200 pieces: This set in terms of a number of chips are made up of 200. They are highly recommended for home games and with friends. It consists of four denominations. With the game some accessories are included and their corresponding deck.

The Bribelly Ultimate Heavy weight: The tiles of this set are clay and consist of 1000. It is characterized by having six denominations which enable the game of poker in different variants.

Trademark Poker Dice Style: This set consists of 500 chips and is composed of four colors.

Claysmith Gaming Mint: It is composed of 500 chips and six denominations. It stands out for being of excellent quality.

What should be taken into account when making the purchase of the chips?

Some aspects are essential when buying chips. The following recommendations are very useful to make a good purchase.

  • The number of chips: It is a frequent question of how many chips must be purchased. However, everything will depend on how many players there are. The suggestion of experts in the field indicates that 70 chips are ideal for each player, therefore, if there are 7 or 8 players the recommendation is to buy some 600 chips.
  • The material and the design: At present, the most popular chips are those of plastic, however, those of metal and clay exist and are also very demanded by the players. If you are looking for more elegant poker chips that resemble those used in the big casinos, you can buy Clay’s chips.
  • Denominations and colors: In terms of denominations, the most common in all casino rooms is that they are four chipsets. Therefore, it is best to select four types of colors. It is recommended to choose 1 in white, 5 in red, 25 in green and 100 in black.

General considerations

As it could be observed, there is an extensive variety of cards that are differentiated by denominations, designs, and materials.

There are plastic ones, which are very light and are usually used by players who have just started in the world of poker. There are composite, a highly resistant material and a little heavier than plastic. There is clay, which is very common today and there are also ceramic whose quality is much higher than others.

The selection of the type of card will always depend on the player’s criteria. The most important thing is that you always feel comfortable with the selected chips.