Brief Intro:

An online casino slot game by Belle Rock Casinos, Belle Rock, has 9 pay-lines and 5 reels. This online game is only available at The Gaming Club and Jackpot City, both of which are online casinos operated by the Belle Rock Casinos. This slot game takes its inspiration from the famous Thunderstruck, almost copying it to the T with the exception of symbols. Bonus round of Free Spins and a jackpot of 10,000 coins are the main attraction of the Belle Rock slot game.

When it comes to generous giveaways and awesome introductory bonuses, a couple of Belle Rock Casino’s are the most popular ones. Previously, high valued prices such as cars and vacation giveaways for their online loyal players have been done by the Belle Rock casinos.

Basic Idea:

The developers have kept it simple in this online slot game. The main theme of the game is the inside of a brick and mortar casino with the typical red felt adorning the background along with poker chips and other gaming symbols on the reels.

With the focus on making it more about the play rather than about the visuals, the developers have kept the graphics unpretentious. They are sharp and ordinary, with nothing special about them.

In a little odd move, the designers felt that the reel icons are the ideal place for a bit of free promotion of other casinos under the Belle Rock casino chain. The higher value winning reels are basically title of the other casinos like River Belle, Gaming Club, Jackpot City and Lucky Nugget.

Aspects of the Mobile Version of Belle Rock Game:

Casino related theme dominates the belle rock mobile game with normal card symbols like J,Q,K, A being the low value, other symbols such as poker chips and cards being in the middle in terms of value followed by the highest value ones which are logos of other casinos of Belle Rock Casinos.

There are 45 different winning combinations in Belle Rock slot game and all you have got to do to win is to end up with similar symbols on your reels. For bigger wins, you need to have more similar symbols lined up on the pay-lines. The combinations can be of Gamblers or normal Aces. The game play is exactly like the highly well-known slot game by Microgamming, Thunderstruck.

Landing A Win Play:

Like all slot games, the amount you win will be dependent upon the combination of symbols on screen. Belle Rock mobile game includes the symbols like the wild and scatter in addition to the normal ones. The wild symbol, which can be substituted for any of the other symbols on the reel at the time, is the red colour logo in a dark shade. Any winning combination in which the wild is used, result in doubling the row bet. The jackpot in the game, 10,000, are also won by landing the wild. To make it even more rewarding, if you land on wilds in an action pay line in the free spin round, you get a 30,000X on your existing bet on that line. The scatters are another high rewarding symbol which in this game are represented by the Belle Rock icon in golden. Players bets will be multiplied per line if they land on a three or more scatters while in the extra spin round. This casino game has been structured in a way to make winning easy for everyone with all symbols rewarding the player in some way. If you don’t feel like betting, you have the option ofplaying it for free without any money involved.

Chances of Winning:

Any player who wants to try their hands on this game can immediately start as there is no download needed for playing this slot game. In any type of gambling or betting, luck is always a factor, however, practice is also needed in Belle rock mobile game to win bigger. For the novice, they can try their hands on the game and get the hang of it without any stakes at all. Highest winning can be made during the free spin rounds and they can be restarted again and again. In a normal game without free spins, the largest payout it 10,000X of your row by the wild symbol. For the high-risk player, the option of doubling the money is there in the normal gameplay.

Stack Your Bets on The Betting Game:

Belle rock is your average mobile slot game which includes the usual five reel along with three rows and nine pay-lines. The design of the game has been kept basic and simple by the developer and the symbols have been redone to reflect the ongoing theme of casino; various gaming icons like poker chips, different colors and suits of cards. The deck of cards is complete in this slot game with all the suits and picture cards present including the joker as well. To keep things a little more interesting, a couple of random symbols have been added to the game like one with a cowboy cap on a girl or a picture depicting golden stars in blue background.

The nine pay off lines can be changed depending on a player’s inclination of playing with all nine or less. Bets per round can be altered along with the worth of the coin. NZD45 is the all-out quantity of coins which can be wagered, meaning a player has the chance of a winning a maximum payout of NZD90 each round.


There is nothing in this generic slot machine game which will make the players heart yearn to come back to it repeatedly.The reels with only nine pay out lines are pretty run of the mil and the bonus free round of fifteen extra spins with the option of only going up to 3 times is extremely common. Even the highest jackpot (ten thousand coins) is in line with the norm. Belle rock with its simple graphics is an okay choice for some gambling fun on mobile.